Travel Safety Tips for Pets

July 28, 2017 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Summer is in full swing. With warm weather and no school, people are now more apt to travel. Many pet owners will want to take their beloved furry friends along with them. However, just as with anything involving pets, there are steps one should take when it comes to pet travel.

For car travel, it may be a good idea to get your pet used to car rides first. Take them out for gradually longer car rides. Once you do travel, make certain their crate is secure and well-ventilated. Also, make sure it has enough wiggle room for them. Preparing a pet-friendly travel kit is essential. Pack it with food, their bowl, waste scoop, plastic bags, their leash, and a toy or two. Pack water for them as well. Packing bottled water is a good idea since water from new areas can cause upset stomach. Also, never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle as it can quickly become too hot for them.

There is also rooming to consider. There are a variety of pet friendly hotel chains such as, Best Western, Red Roof Inn, Hotel Indigo, La Quinta, and Four Seasons. First, be sure that the hotel at the location you are going to is indeed pet friendly. While the above ones in general are, there are some that aren’t. Also, pet friendly policies are different from place to place so be sure to know what the hotel expects before booking a room. If possible, try to book a room on the ground floor as elevators can be stressful for them. Also, if your dog likes to run around the room, they won’t be bothering any neighbors if they are on the ground floor.

Crating your pet when you are going to be out of the room for extended periods of time is also a good idea. In fact, some pet friendly hotels require that. It prevents potential escapes if anyone accidentally opens the door. Putting a “do not disturb” sign on the door is a great step to prevent this as well. The crate will also keep them in a safe space and prevent them from getting themselves into trouble while you’re gone. Giving your phone number to the front desk is also wise, as they can call you while you’re out in case something has happened or if the pet is whining and disturbing neighbors.

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