Tales of a Cat Tail

November 17, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Have you ever wondered what your cat was trying to communicate to you? The position of your cat’s tail is a good indicator of the current mood and feelings of your furry friend. Below are some common tail positions and the tales they tell.


High – A tail stuck high in the air expresses confidence and contentment. Your cat is happy and wants to be friendly.


Low – A low lying tail means your pet is in a serious mood and could signal a sign of aggression.


Curved like a question mark – Your cat is in a playful mood and wants to have some fun. He or she is probably looking for some attention.


Tucked away – Something could be making your cat anxious or nervous. A tucked away tail is often a sign of fear or submission.


Puffed up – Your feline could smell danger. A puffed up tail, resembling pipe cleaner, could signal a frightened or agitated cat.


Whipping – A tail whipping back and forth rapidly could mean your cat is scared. It could also be a sign of restlessness and frustration.


Swishing – You have probably noticed the slow, swaying tail motion right before your cat pounces on a toy or a piece of food that falls outside of their bowl. The swishing tail is often a sign that your pet is focused on a specific object.


Wrapped around another cat, or pet, or a person’s arm or leg – You get the picture. This motion conveys love and friendship and is like the human act of hugging or putting your arm around someone.


Oh, the tales that a cat tail tells!

Cat Tail Tales

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