Signs that Your Dog Is Happy

September 29, 2017 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Dog owners love their furry friends. It’s also important to pet owners that their pets love them, too. However, since pets can’t speak, how can one tell if his or her dog is truly happy? Below are some simple ways to read a dog’s body language and behavior to gauge their happiness.

1.) Relaxed eyes. If they have their natural shape and their brows are neutral, then that is a sign that they are happy.

2.) Relaxed mouth. If their mouths are either closed or just slightly open, then that is also a sign that they are happy. The ASPCA suggest watching for panting, this is either a sign that they are hot or stressed.

3.) A lack of destructive behaviors, especially if they are at home alone. Happy dogs tend to be less destructive. Bear in mind that destruction does not have to mean that they are unhappy. It could just mean that they aren’t getting enough play time and exercise.

4.) Appetite. Even dogs that are pickier eaters like to eat when given the chance. If they are not eating and are refusing food, then that can be a sign of loneliness or a medical problem.

5.) They look for attention. There are differences in personality to consider, but for the most part, a happy dog wants be with its people.

6.) They sleep well. Do they pick one spot to lie down and stay there without getting up for long stretches of time? If so, that’s a sign they are relaxed. Stressed out dogs tend to wake up often and go from spot to spot.

There are other signs to look for in dogs. If you ever feel like your dog is not happy and is stressed, set up an appointment with us and we can discuss your concerns and see if there is anything to look out for.

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