Preparing for Disaster: Remember Your Pets

August 25, 2017 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Disasters, both natural and otherwise, strike at any time. It’s smart to have a preparedness plan in general, but if you have pets, there are additional things to consider. It’s important to make emergency plans for when you are at home, and to make plans for when you are not. Doing so might save the life of a beloved friend.

Having an emergency kit ready to go in case of evacuation is key. Stock it with a few days’ supply of food, water, and any medications the pet takes. Having a crate or carrier is a wise idea. Pack the kit with collars and harnesses that have I.D. and rabies tags on them along with leashes. For cats, pack a spare litterbox and cat litter. Pack a picture of you and your pet together. People would better be able to find you and reunite you with your pet in case of separation. Its recommended that you pack paperwork such as ownership papers, vaccination records, and important medical test results. This can be vital information for potential rescue workers to have. Pack comfort items like toys and treats as well so the animal will have something to help soothe away stress.

Have a set evacuation plan in mind and run through it with the animal a few times to get them familiarized with the route. That way, in case an emergency happens and you are not at home, it will make it easier for rescue workers to remove the pet from you home. With that line of thinking in mind, be sure to place signs on your property telling how many pets you have, and where to find your pet emergency kit. It might also be wise to keep handling gloves and animal restraints near your emergency kit. Remember, animals can become unpredictable in frightening situations.

Another precaution to take is getting your animal microchipped. If your pet was to run away in an emergency, this will better help authorities locate it. Remember, precaution and planning makes all the difference with disasters.

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