Make Vet Trips Easier for You and Your Cat

April 21, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

38% of cat owners report getting stressed out just thinking about bringing their cat to the vet. This according to a survey by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. This may be part of the reason that cats average 26% fewer visits to the vet than dogs and cats are twice as likely to never see a doctor in their lives. Are you one of the 38%? Here are some tips for making vet visits a better experience for your cats – and for you:

  • Examine your cat yourself at home to get your cat used to being handled that way. Handle the paws. Open and inspect inside the mouth. Move your hands gently over the legs and body. Comb or brush the coat. This will also increase the chance that you will detect any health problems sooner.
  • Stay cool yourself. Your cat is linked to your emotions. . Take your cat for drives or to the vet for no reason. If you’re just stopping in to pick up a medicine, or to pick up your dog after a groom, think about bringing your cat along.
  • Bring a towel or something to cover your cat’s carrier in the office. Some cats like not being able to see out of their carriers when in the waiting room, because it makes them feel more safely hidden.
  • Familiarize your cat with his/her carrier.

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