Jack the Hero Pit Bull

November 1, 2013 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

After Jack the dog saved the family cat from two coyotes in a Florida yard, the two are inseparable.

Sherree Lewis owns a rescue cat named Kitty. While her son, Peter, was overseas in Afghanistan, Sherree was taking care of Peter’s rescue dog, an American pit bull terrier named Jack. One afternoon, she was horrified to see from her window, two coyotes in the yard trying to kill Kitty. One had her by the tail while the other had her by the neck and was shaking her violently. Then Jack charged to the rescue and ran off the coyotes. Kitty was rushed to the vet. Day by day, Kitty is recovering from dental injuries and some brain swelling. The family says Jack never leaves Kitty’s side now and stands guard against a coyote return. What a heartwarming story illustrating the love and loyalty of a pet.

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