House Training Dos and Don’ts

September 25, 2013 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Adding a new pet to the family is always a joy but can also bring about the challenge of house training. The most important tip for house training is to make it a positive time for you and your pup, not a stressful one. Being attentive, patient, and consistent are also vital to a successful house training experience.

Below are some other dos and don’ts to help you along the way:

Do: Keep a close eye on your dog. Limit your pet’s open territory to one or two rooms in the house where you are able to monitor their “pre-potty” behavior such as sniffing or circling. These are signs to get your dog to their potty area right away. This is especially the case for early in the house training. As your pup progresses with house training and learns where his or her potty area is, you can enlarge the dog’s territory.

Don’t: Punish your dog for messes made in the past. Your dog will not understand or learn anything by being scolded for accidents made earlier in the day. If you catch your dog in the act of an inappropriate elimination, it may be acceptable to briefly scold or make a loud clapping noise. But then, you should escort your dog outside and wait for the opportunity to praise appropriate elimination.

Do: Shower your pup with praise for getting it right! Showing your pet affection and giving them praise will reinforce positive behavior which, in this case, is using the appropriate area to potty. You can also throw in some yummy treats.

Don’t: Rub their face in their waste, ever. This will only make your dog afraid of you. Your pet will think it is the waste itself that you are punishing them for instead of the act of soiling indoors. In return, he/she will just get sneakier at hiding the pee or poop from you.

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