Female Cat Owners Enjoy Heart Benefits

February 3, 2017 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Good news for female cat owners! Adding to previous research showing the health benefits of pet ownership, a recent study finds that women pet owners have a 30 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and events such as stroke. Cat owners enjoy the highest risk reduction – a nearly 40% lower risk of cardiovascular mortality.


The study included nearly 4,000 adults age 50 and over. The adults were all generally healthy while participating in the study. Researchers theorize the heart benefits could be related to the stress-relieving effects of pet companionship or the personalities of the pet owners.


Own a pet? Your heart will thank you!


Source: Ogechi I, Snook K, Davis B, et al. Pet ownership and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease among adults without major chronic medical conditions. High Blood Press Cardiovasc Prev, 2016; 23: 245.

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