Dogs Dig for Temperature Control

May 29, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

There are many reasons your dog might dig in your lawn. One is temperature control. Having a little hole in which to lie can be both cooling and warming, depending on the dog’s needs. If this is your dog’s motivation, simply providing easier means of temperature control may curb the digging behavior.

Some people who really love both their dogs and their lawn create a wet sand pit where dogs will be able to cool off in the summer. They dig a shallow hole and line it with wet concrete. Put a few screwdriver size holes in the concrete layer to allow for drainage. Once that is done and dry, add six inches of playground sand. Keep the sand damp. This makes a great cooling den for your dog. When your dog gets up from his or her spot, the sand simply falls off as it dries.

Dog Digging Temperature Control

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