Dog Walking App Donates to Local Animal Shelters

November 6, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Walk for a Dog, a smartphone app started by parent company WoofTrax, adds to the list of reasons to take your dog out for a stroll. Not only will your pup reap the benefits of being active, but so will your favorite animal shelter. The premise of the app is to donate to the animal shelter of your choosing as encouragement to walk your dog. The funding for the donation comes from sponsorship deals and advertising and ranges from 11 to 25 cents per mile. The more people signed up to donate to a particular shelter and the more walks your take, the larger the payout per mile.


Since the app launched in spring 2014, Walk for a Dog has donated over $10,000 to nearly 4,000 animal shelters and organizations across the country. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

WoofTrax App

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