Canine Ambient Heat Safety Scale

June 25, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

Humans are superior thermoregulators, and this is a problem for dog owners.  Some sources say that in a very hot environment, humans can run farther than horses, wolves, dogs, elk, and even camels.  This is a problem for dog owners because humans are prone to underestimate the threat heat has on their pet dogs.

How much heat is too much? Temperatures of only 75 degrees Fahrenheit can be a potential problem if other variables are not in your favor.  Here we have created a heat safety graphic based on guidelines by the Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy.

Simply leaving a dog in a backyard without adequate resources can lead to heat stroke.  Dogs have three primary methods for thermoregulation: (1) panting, (2) water, (3) digging and shade.  Dogs don’t sweat.  Obviously make sure they have plenty of water to drink, but keep in mind that hot dogs get much thirstier than humans.  Make sure there is a shady place to hang out throughout the day.  A kiddy pool for wading is a nice touch.

Canine Ambient Heat Safety Scale

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