Can Man’s Best Friend be the Best Man?

May 16, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

You bet cha! Wedding season is upon us and that got us to thinking about pets in weddings. It’s a growing trend, and a few years back, USA Today reported that even formal weddings were seeing more and more 4-legged friends included. It adds a sense of whimsy, some great photo ops, and something that will make your wedding memorable for your guests. Here are ways your most loyal friends can participate in that special day:
• Ring bearer
• Flower dog
• Bridesmaid / Groomsman
• Pet bearer – have your pet carried in a basket or on a pillow down the aisle and given a seat of honor near the front. This is especially cute when children are the pet bearers.
• Include your pet in your wedding photos
• Let your pet be an invited guest at the reception

• Check with your venue to make sure they are pet friendly
• Bring a familiar toy and /or treats to keep pets occupied and calm
• Have a kennel handy just in case
• Have an assigned person for each pet such as a hired dog walker
• Remember your clean up bags just in case
• If your pet is in the ceremony, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse


Dog Best Man

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