Blindness Not Enough to Slow this Dog Down

January 7, 2014 in Aerowood Animal Hospital

This German spitz named Rowan was born with no eyes, but dogs don’t let things like that slow them down. Rowan navigates his way down trails, through fields, and even in the woods using echolocation. His owner, Sam Orchard, of Spilmah Home Boarding (, says she was shocked to learn that a dog can be born without eyes and even more shocked several months later when she figured out Rowan was using sound to navigate outdoors. Sam reports that Rowan barks to judge the lay of the land, and people who meet Rowan think he’s just a normal dog – but ask why his eyes are closed. Rowan runs and plays with his housemates and, in general, has a dog’s life.

Watch a video of Rowan in action here:

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